Thematic Exhibition

Arakawa Shusaku : Early Paintings

Arakawa Shusaku “Next to the Last” (1966-67) Oil and acrylic on canvas 244 x 327 cm (2 panels, each 244 x 163.5cm)
©2020 Estate of Madeline Gins. Reproduced with permission of the Estate of Madeline Gins.

Jan. 5 (Tue.) to Mar. 14 (Sun.), 2021
* Period has been changed.

Arakawa Shusaku (1936-2010), along with his partner, Madeline Gins (1941-2014), created numerous works including the “Site of Reversible Destiny – Yoro” and the “Reversible Destiny Lofts Mitaka,” engaging in activities that went beyond the framework of art. This exhibition introduces the early paintings of Arakawa Shusaku, who was from Nagoya and who is an essential figure in the museum’s collection, with works primarily entrusted by the Estate of Madeline Gins.

Tsukuda Masamichi, Woodcut Artist

Tsukuda Masamichi “Mt. Yoroidake in Okukouchi” (1983) Nagoya City Art Museum

Jul. 11 (Sat.) to Aug. 30 (Sun.)
* postponed

Tsukuda Masamichi (1901-1992) was a woodcut artist based in Seto City. This exhibition introduces primary works from his representative Yamatoji series along with “Women in the Chubu Region” and “Report on Investigation into things in the Tokai Region of Honshu,” both of which were commissioned as illustrations for newspaper articles in the Asahi Shimbun for the Nagoya region. These works were added to the museum’s collection in 2012, but are being introduced to the public for the first time in this exhibition.


“imprint”, photographs by Yuichi Hibi

“Broadway” (1992)

Sep. 12 (Sat.) to Nov. 1 (Sun.)
* postponed

Hibi Yuichi, born in Nagoya in 1964, is a photographer and a film director living in New York. His works have been added to the collection of the J. Paul Getty Museum and other prominent collectors around the world. He has won many awards as a filmmaker with works such as “Ken San,” a documentary about actor Takakura Ken, and “Erica 38,” which became the posthumous work of actress Kiki Kirin. His new film, based entirely in Nagoya titled “Namonaihi: A day with no name,” is set to be released in the autumn of 2020. This exhibition marks his first exhibition in his hometown of Nagoya.