Lectures on the Collection 2022

A curator chooses one work from the museum’s collection and presents a lecture on it. The lecture begins at 2 p.m. on the days shown below in the auditorium on the second floor. Up to 90 people. (No reservation required, free admission, duration 90 minutes)

* If you need assistance to participate in lectures and events, please ask the museum staff at the time of registration for activities that require advance registration, and by two weeks before an event that permits participation on the day of the event.

First lecture \ Jun. 11 [Sat.]

KAINOSHO Tadaoto “Woman’s Face” (around 1919)

Title: Vulgar Paintings Must Beat the Beautiful Ones
Artwork: KAINOSHO Tadaoto “Woman’s Face” (around 1919)
Lecturer: HOZAKI Hironori

KAINOSHO Tadaoto was an unconventional Japanese artist who emerged in the Kyoto art scene during the Taisho era. This lecture examines the artistic achievements and life of the artist who spoke fervently about how “we must dispel noble and conventional paintings like yuzen-dyeing or like Japanese dry sweets.”

Second lecture \ Aug. 6 [Sat.]

YAMAMOTO Tomiaki “Untitled” (1987)

Title: Dots, Bugs, Rings
Artwork: YAMAMOTO Tomiaki “Untitled” (1987)
Lecturer: KATSUTA Kotoe

YAMAMOTO Tomiaki (1949 -) is an artist who is still working actively today at his base in Aichi. This lecture introduces his artworks and the changes in his expression techniques over time.

Third lecture \ Oct. 15 [Sat.]

HITSUDA Nobuya “Vague Scenery” (1993)

Title: Changing Landscapes
Artwork: HITSUDA Nobuya “Vague Scenery” (1993)
Lecturer: KUBOTA Mami

This lecture introduces the works of HITSUDA Nobuya, which are created through his experiences of “gazing” at the landscapes around him, and uncovers his unique perspective and expressions.