Weekend Art Program for Kids

We provide an opportunity for children to familiarize themselves with art.
Some events invite adult participants.

Prior registration required

  • Jun. 7 (Sun.)   “Special! Collection 1”   * cancelled
  • Sep. 27 (Sun.)  “Special! Collection 2”   * cancelled
  • Nov. 23 (Mon./holiday) “Let’s meet an artist”   * cancelled

No registration required

“Kids Oasis” May. 5 (Tue./public holiday)・6 (Wed./holiday)、June. 20 (Sat.) ・21 (Sun.)、Aug. 15 (Sat.)・16 (Sun.)   * cancelled

Check the Museum’s official website for more information about each program, including registration information.

Summer Art Program for Kids

Jul. 11(Sat.) – Aug. 30(Sun.)   * cancelled

Workshops with programs that encourage audience participation are held in connection with the special exhibition “Travelling through Art – Summer Escape” so that visitors can enjoy and learn about art and the Nagoya City Art Museum from various perspectives.

*Workshops are held on an irregular schedule during the specified periods.